Goodbye Brad

by Carrie Wintersteen Brad Delzer has been pushing me artistically for over ten years, first as a student in my Acting class at NDSU, then as a young director/performer in our Ensemble, finally as our first programming staff member at Theatre B. I often point to Brad as the quintessential example of what we mean…
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A Farewell To The Farrens

by Brad Delzer If you ask any of us in the Theatre B Ensemble the reasons why we have an ensemble, you’ll hear the phrase ‘intentional family.’ For us, who we get to make stuff with is just as important as the stuff we get to make. Making theatre can be terrifying; it’s easy to feel lost at…
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Finding Home And ‘The Art Of Bad Men’

Guest post by Theatre B Ensemble Member Pam Strait When my husband accepted a job teaching at MSUM, I felt a bit lost. As a born and bred southerner, I never dreamed I’d be spending more than a decade of my life in the distant, exotic American Midwest. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t really…
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On Devising ‘The Oil Project’

by Colin Holter I was recently asked how many productions I’ve had the chance to work on with Theatre B. When I counted them out on my fingers, the answer — six, including The Oil Project! — came as a bit of a surprise to me because it feels like six distinct jobs rather than…
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The Company Of ‘The Oil Project’

Meet the devising ensemble of The Oil Project. These artists have spent the past several months researching, creating, and rehearsing The Oil Project, which premiere’s August 13 & 14. The Company: