#3; All This Talk Of Cheese Can Make A Girl Hungry.

MIKE: You don’t want a cheese tour. MARGARET: Sure, I do. #1; Epoisses

Second Rehearsal; Table Work

“Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” — Meisner Today we start (arguably) the best part of the rehearsal process; table work. Today we get to stretch and flex our muscles of imagination. Today we get to flesh out our character relationships. Today we begin to build up details. Today we find the softer moments,…
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Another First

First Official Rehearsal!  The recently-announced cast of Good People got together for the first time tonight for the first read-through.  It was exciting to hear the words out loud for the first time.

In The Beginning…

Welcome to the beginning of Season 10. The past three days were filled with auditions for Good People, our first show of Season 10. We didn’t have too many people come, but the applicant pool was rich. We had a lot of great talent at auditions and I know that the people who will end…
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