What 61 For 61 Means To Me

I was less than a week into rehearsals directing Next Fall, Theatre B’s 9th season opener, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The positivity and support from the cast and company made the journey so much easier.  They wore pink ribbon pins during the rehearsal process and kept my spirits up with their love…
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Well folks, we made it to opening!  Between tech, dress rehearsals, and my day job, there hasn’t been much time for blogging.  My apologies. Tech, for me, is what REALLY starts to make the show feel real.  

Another Op’nin, Another Show

Welcome to the 10th season of Theatre B. Officially. Our first production opened tonight to a slightly-more-than-half house, but the reactions I am hearing from the lobby sound like they are enjoying it.

Call For Auditions

Theatre B is having open auditions for our second show of the season, “The 12 Dates of Christmas.” This one-woman show follows Mary throughout a year of bad relationships. After being dumped on her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, she spends the next 12 months trying to find Mr. Right… and meeting her fair share of Mr.…
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Good People Is In A Great Place

Tonight was the first run-thru since the actors have all been off-book. There was a stumble through a few weeks ago, which was rough as stumble-throughs usually are. But tonight was going to be the full show, with full shifts, and without any line-calling for the very first time. And I got to watch.