Meet the Interns: Samantha Everson

 Name: Samantha Everson

Intern Position: Fund Development

Major/Minor: Communication – Public Relations emphasis

School: Concordia College

Hometown: Hannaford, North Dakota

What attracted you to Theatre B?: I was a part of the group that developed the strategic plan for the internship program and while we were working on the plan I found out how different Theatre B is and what kind of impact it has on the community. After seeing that, I decided I wanted to be a part of the organization and help it grow so it can hopefully impact other generations as well.

What are you most excited to experience during your internship?: Many people who volunteer or work at Theatre B think of the organization as a family—one who not only argues, cries, laughs and celebrates together, but one who does so much more. They are constantly making memories together, and that is something I am extremely thankful for the chance to experience.

Activities outside of Theatre B: Co-ed volleyball and softball and working various part-time jobs.

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, laughing and playing with my nieces and nephew.


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