Meet the Artist: Patrick Carriere


Patrick Carriere is making his first appearance on the Theatre B stage as Duci in The Sweet New. Patrick also directed Theatre B’s production of Storefront Church last season. When Patrick is not working in the theatre he can be found spending quality time with his family.

Theatre B (TB): Tell us a bit about yourself.
Patrick Carriere (PC): I was born in Marquette, MI., but I grew up in Bemidji, MN.  Four years ago I moved to Moorhead to teach in the theatre program at MSUM, where I teach acting, voice, directing and theatre history/literature.  I have also spent a good deal of time overseas in Russia, England, Greece, Cyprus, China, and Japan.  This is my third project at Theatre B; I have worked here as a dramaturg (Scrooge MacBeth), director (Storefront Church), and now an actor.

TB: How did you first get involved in the arts (performing or otherwise)?
PC: I think my first real interest in theatre came while watching a performance of Godspell put on by our church.  I must have been 12 years-old.  I am Catholic, so I was raised in a very theatrical religious tradition.  My first performance was as the Mayor of Dogpatch in Lil’ Abner when I was in 9th grade. Continue reading

Meet the Artist: Jeff Miller

10842278_10153167934399627_1947977255365427274_oJeff Miller is making his first appearance in a Theatre B main stage production, playing Kyle in The Sweet New.  You may have seen Jeff read the part of Kyle during last season’s workshop of The Sweet New.  He is a lover of dogs, and spends his free time playing music and watching HGTV.

Theatre B (TB): Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Jeff Miller (JM): Well, I’m originally from Fergus Falls, MN. I graduated from Concordia College in 2014 with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology – I’ve always liked numbers and patterns and had a knack for math, I also wanted to learn more about what makes people do what they do. Right now I work at Concordia as an Institutional Research Associate, working with numbers all day every day.

TB: When did you first start performing?
JM: I remember being 4 or 5 years old and going to a friend’s house where we would stand on the hearth and put on “concerts” with our tennis racket guitars, it was pretty great. I have always been musically inclined, I was in band and choir growing up and music is still a big part of my life now. I did a little bit of theatre in middle school and high school. My first role was playing one of the “pick-a-little ladies” in a production of The Music Man when I was in the eighth grade. Continue reading

Meet the Artist: Megan Orcholski


Megan Orcholski is making her first appearance in a Theatre B show, playing Vivian in The Sweet New. Megan is a gender, communication, and performance studies scholar who is no stranger to performing. She has dedicated most of her adult life to studying performance in its various forms and sharing her knowledge with others. She’s a lover of food, cop shows, and life.


Theatre B (TB): Tell us a bit about yourself.
Megan Orcholski (MO): I grew up in a small town in Southern Wisconsin, went to college at a small liberal arts school in Chicago where I studied Arts and Speech Communication with a minor in English. I ended up deciding on a major after highlighting every course in the course catalogue that I would like to take, I had inadvertently highlighted every class that was required for the Arts and Speech Communication degree. I also have a master’s degree in performance studies from Minnesota State University Mankato. I moved to Moorhead to work at Concordia College, where I was an Instructor and the Assistant Director of Forensics. I’m currently an Instructor at Valley City State University in the Communication Arts department. Continue reading

Theatre B to Change Venues After Ten Years on Main Avenue

After spending 10 years at its current home of 716 Main Avenue in Fargo, the time has come for Theatre B to search for a forever home. The company is applying their celebrated creativity to their search for a performance space. The theatre is seeking proposals to temporarily house the ensemble in new and surprising locations. The company hopes to activate unlikely buildings and neighborhoods while creating another season of engaging art. The proposals are open to anyone with space located in the Fargo-Moorhead area. The ideal space would be 2500-5000 square feet, have no posts or have widely spaced posts, a minimum ceiling height of 14 feet, and have wheelchair accessibility.Theatre B Exterior 2

“We know we need a real home. In the meantime, we want to put our resources into the art, not a space,” says Lori Horvik, one of Theatre B’s founding members. “When we find the right place for us and for the community, we will invest in that place. We are looking at this as an adventure, a decision that takes courage and commitment.”

A big part of that commitment is to the Fargo-Moorhead community. While the company searches for a permanent home, they are looking for short-term performance space within the two cities. Scott Horvik, another co-founder, thinks of it like couch-surfing, “Maybe we’ll have a transition home before we find the right one; you know, hang out at a couple of friends’ places for a while. We’ll still be here, involved in the community.”

Carrie Wintersteen, another co-founder and Executive Director, sees these short-term homes as a “Win-Win,” for the owners and developers who may choose to host Theatre B and its company. “Theatregoers spend time and money ‘out on the town,’ and nearby amenities benefit from a regular flow of artists and a diverse audience.  We will bring vitality to unexpected spaces and, just like our art, we’ll encourage people to see the spaces in a new light.”

The Request For Proposals can be found at For other inquiries contact Carrie Wintersteen at 701-729-8880 or


Meet the Ensemble: Tucker Lucas


Photo courtesy of Dan Francis Photography.

Born and raised in Fargo, Tucker is a man of many talents. He joined the B ensemble in 2007. He has participated as both an actor and director, as well as behind the scenes, designing sound, properties, and poster art. But his first love is video production. You can experience Tucker’s sound design work in The Sweet New, opening April 15th.

Theatre B (TB): What’s your favorite position to take on? Do you prefer acting or being behind the scenes?
Tucker Lucas (TL): You know, it depends on the project, but I think being behind the scenes is more conducive to my lifestyle. Mostly because video production itself is a very behind the scenes type of craft. I do like acting, but I don’t have the kind of passion that makes me actively look for acting gigs. I probably average an acting role once every two years. I suppose if I had to pick my favorite role at Theatre B, it would just being able to be apart of the ensemble.

TB: When did you first get involved with theatre?
TL: I did some theatre in high school. My dad was a teacher at my junior high school. He had directed plays for years and years, so as a kid I had gone to many of those. So I did theatre in junior high, high school, and after I graduated, a little bit of community theatre as well. It ended up being through that, I met people who did Summer Shakespeare, and through Summer Shakespeare, I met the folks who started Theatre B. Continue reading

Meet the Ensemble: Maren Jystad-Spar

Photo courtesy of Dan Francis Photography.

Photo courtesy of Dan Francis Photography.

Jamestown native, Maren Jystad- Spar has been involved with Theatre B since 2011. The first paid employee apart from Carrie, Maren has also done some acting, costume design, and worked the box office.

Theatre B (TB): Tell us a little about yourself, hometown and such.
Maren Jystad-Spar (MJS): I grew up in Jamestown ND, went to Jamestown High School and graduated in 2005. I chose Concordia partly because it was all I really knew. My father graduated from Concordia and my home pastor as well. There was a lot of talk about Concordia. Once I got there I had a voice scholarship, so I was doing a lot of music stuff, and it didn’t feel like the right fit. I started taking theatre classes my second semester, and those just felt like home.

TB: When did you begin doing theatre?
MJS: I did some theatre in middle school, high school, and my hometown church did some shows as well. I performed with the art center in Jamestown early on also. So I have been involved in some way or another for a long time. The first production I remember performing in was Guys and Dolls Jr. Continue reading

Meet the Artist: Jacob Hartje

8035Jacob Hartje is making his second appearance on the Theatre B stage, as Cecil, in Equivocation. You may have seen Jacob performing with The LineBenders over the years. Jacob enjoys cooking, writing, and is a bit of a music fanatic. You can see him onstage in Equivocation through the end of the month.

TB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
JH: I grew up in Fargo, spent a lot of time outside as a kid and have always been really interested in exploring.  After I finished high school I traveled, spent a lot of time couch surfing and trying to see as much of the country as I could. I’m definitely a nomadic soul, I try to travel whenever I can.  Right now I work as a direct care professional with special needs individuals, and I love it.  I feel like I’m making a difference in the world, making people’s lives better one small thing at a time.

TB: When did you first start performing?
JH: When I was kid I was always role playing, pretending to be someone else. I remember my parents having to ask to speak with Jacob, rather than the pirate or spy that I was pretending to be that afternoon.   My first real performance was actually part of a middle school English project, I wrote a story, one of my classmates read it out loud to the class while I acted it out. After that my teacher suggested I audition for the school play, Orpheus and the Underworld and I was hooked. Continue reading

Meet the Artist: Mik Reid

ProHeadshotFInalMik Reid is making his second appearance on the B stage, as Sharpe in this month’s production of Equivocation. Mik is a veteran performer, who has recently returned to theatre after a bit of a hiatus.

TB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
MR: I grew up in North Dakota and moved to Fargo to study Theatre and Music Education at MSUM. I gravitated towards performance outside of university and had some great experiences in the area. Ultimately, I graduated from NDSU with a degree in Psychology, minoring in both Neuroscience and Music and focusing on music cognition. Right now I’m fortunate to work in a sales position that allows me to perform in my free time.

TB: How did you first get involved with theatre?
MR: Well, in high school I was always looking to try new things and I fell into theater after performing in productions of Oklahoma and The Diviners. It was a great way to meet new people, discover myself, and investigate the human condition. These reasons still draw me to the theater today. Continue reading

Meet the Artist: Matthew Collie

Matthew Collie is making his fourth appearance in a Theatre B production, as Shagspeare, in Equivocation. You may have seen him around town in the last couple of weeks making appearances as the Bard of Avon for this year’s WinterArtsFest, a community-wide celebration of Arts, Culture, and all things Shakespeare. Matthew is relatively new to theatre, but is no stranger to performing. He is a member of the National Forensics Association Hall of Fame and an American Forensics Association All-American.

TB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
MC: I’m a recent Fargo-Moorhead transplant, having grown up in southern Minnesota (area code 507), and I work at CoreLink Administrative Solutions as an IT Team Lead.  I’m a cinephile and a geek with specializations ancient history, public policy, gaming and superheroes.  Former math-wiz.  I believe public health will save humanity.

TB: How did you first get involved with theatre? Or what drew you to theatre?
MC: My foray into the local theatre scene happened in 2014 when my partner, Megan Orcholski, decided to audition in the Fargo-Moorhead unified auditions to shake the rust off (she’s has a BA in theatre).  I tagged along and auditioned to meet people, try something new, and find an outlet to perform.

My first theatre involvement, however, was pre-natal.  My mother was in a production of On Golden Pond as Chelsea Thayer while she was pregnant with me.  She and my father met on a stage in a theatre class.  Ask my Dad about it, great story.  My siblings, Alex and Sarah, have also been in numerous theatre productions.  I’m the late bloomer. Continue reading

Meet the Artist: Clare Geinert

Clare Headshots-13501

Clare Geinert is making her second appearance on the B stage, as Judith, William Shakespeare’s daughter, in our upcoming production of Equivocation. Originally from Jamestown, ND, Clare’s been performing almost as long as she can remember.  She enjoys knitting; she ran an Etsy store for a while, where she sold her creations to buyers in at least 6 countries.

TB: How did you first get involved with theatre?
CG: I have a very theatrical family. The first play I can remember being a part of was a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, my dad played Jesus. The whole family would be involved in these summer productions in Grand Rapids. It was quite the endeavor. I also remember being in the children’s chorus of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat early on and trying to sneak onstage any chance I could get, unfortunately I never succeeded, someone always caught me.

TB: Does your whole family do theatre?
CG: Yep, we’re all involved in some way, some of us more heavily than others. Continue reading