Goodbye Brad


by Carrie Wintersteen

Brad Delzer has been pushing me artistically for over ten years, first as a student in my Acting class at NDSU, then as a young director/performer in our Ensemble, finally as our first programming staff member at Theatre B.

I often point to Brad as the quintessential example of what we mean when we say Theatre B serves emerging artists. Brad emerged from college with strong ties in the Fargo Moorhead community that eased the imperative to move immediately to a larger market as most of his theatre classmates did. He had a passion for directing, but needed to build his resume. And he was hungry to continue learning in an ensemble environment that would afford him artistic agency.


Brad and founding member, David Wintersteen during a rehearsal of ‘Sylvia’.

Brad’s interest in directing was a welcome addition, since accomplished directors are rare in our market. His first project with Theatre B was directing Sylvia, which starred three of the five founders, Scott Horvik, Carrie Wintersteen and David Wintersteen. It was a test for everyone, a trial by fire, and if Brad could handle it, he could handle anything.

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A Farewell to the Farrens

by Brad Delzer

If you ask any of us in the Theatre B Ensemble the reasons why we have an ensemble, you’ll hear the phrase ‘intentional family.’ For us, who we get to make stuff with is just as important as the stuff we get to make. Making theatre can be terrifying; it’s easy to feel lost at any step of the process. So we try to surround the process with people who care, and especially with people who care about each other.

Alie and Joel Farren have been constants at Theatre B and in our intentional family for years. It wasn’t easy to tell people of my own impending departure (off to Pennsylvania with my wife for a Great Adventure), so when I heard that two more ensemble members were moving (down to the Twin Cities) for their own Great Adventure, it hit pretty hard. They helped build this theatre, both literally and metaphorically. Continue reading

Finding Home and ‘The Art of Bad Men’

Guest post by Theatre B Ensemble Member Pam Strait

B-48 (2) (1)When my husband accepted a job teaching at MSUM, I felt a bit lost. As a born and bred southerner, I never dreamed I’d be spending more than a decade of my life in the distant, exotic American Midwest. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t really fit in. So I was always looking for things that connected me to my old life.

I happened across an ad for a local theatre company producing my favorite A.R. Gurney play, Sylvia. I went (alone, because I didn’t really have any friends) and I did something most Theatre B fans have also done: I fell in love. That night, I registered for Theatre B’s mailing list assuming they’d let me know what they were doing next and instead what I got was an email notice for auditions. It was a just a mass email – I think most people took a look at it and went ‘meh.’ I went ‘oooh!’ Continue reading

On devising ‘The Oil Project’

by Colin Holter


Colin Holter

I was recently asked how many productions I’ve had the chance to work on with Theatre B. When I counted them out on my fingers, the answer — six, including The Oil Project! — came as a bit of a surprise to me because it feels like six distinct jobs rather than six instances of the same job. Making art with Theatre B is always a richly collaborative process, but the shape of my contribution to that process is never quite the same twice: in some cases I’ve been a capital-C Composer, in others a traditional theatre-style sound designer, and in still others a hybrid sound artist with recourse to a sprawling collection of tools and resources.

oil project_square-01In The Oil Project, my job is to invite sounds both beautiful and terrible from a custom-built microtonal electric guitar while wearing a gaudily bedazzled suit that might even have been a bit much for the likes of Rex Allen and Porter Waggoner, a suit whose loudness is exceeded only by the loudness of the guitar. This isn’t the kind of work my training in the field of contemporary concert music led me to anticipate, but it’s the task that turned out to be waiting for me at the end of The Oil Project’s development process — a long, occasionally meandering, not always well-marked but always compelling road that our nine company members have navigated together. Continue reading

The Company of ‘The Oil Project’


Meet the devising ensemble of The Oil Project. These artists have spent the past several months researching, creating, and rehearsing The Oil Project, which premiere’s August 13 & 14.

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Vince is back in town!

Vincent Delaney Profile

The author of The Art of Bad Men, the opening production of our 13th season, is returning to Fargo. Vince visited in 2008 when we performed his play Kuwait. While in residence he worked with the company and lead playwrighting masterclasses at MSUM and NDSU.

Thanks in part to an NEA Art Works grant, Vince will again be in residence in Fargo. From July 26th to the 29th he will work with the company of The Art of Bad Men as they move towards the premiere. He will also share his experiences researching and writing the play along with historian Mark Peihl at our Season Preview. The preview is July 28th at 7:00pm at the Hjemkomst Center.

Vince will return for opening night on September 18th and to hang out at German Culture Day with the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County.

The Oil Project


Theatre B and Plains Art Museum have collaborated to create a new theatre experience to close The Plains ‘Bakken Boom!’ exhibit. Devised by Theatre B Ensemble Members and Guest Artists, ‘The Oil Project’ chronicles the people and the pumpjacks of the Bakken oil play.

Theatre B’s first devised play, ‘The Oil Project’ is conceived and created by a company of artists who have spent the summer researching, generating, and developing the hour-long performance.

Part character exploration, part art installation, tied together by sights and sounds that recall the oil rush in Western North Dakota, ‘The Oil Project’ follows several characters across the early years of the boom, through the transformation of the countryside and towns, and up to now, where the possibility of an oil bust looms.

The play was co-commissioned by The Plains to coincide with the end of their ‘Bakken Boom! Artists Respond to the North Dakota Oil Rush’ exhibit.

This production runs Thursday and Friday, August 13th and 14th at noon and 7:00pm at the Plains Art Museum. Admission is free and open to the public, but limited to the first seventy-five audience members.

Devising Ensemble:

Cole Bartles
Matthew Collie
Brad Delzer*
Matthew Dryburgh
Colin Holter
Mia Miller
Jay Nelson
Chelsea Pace
Pam Strait*

Stage Manager: Blaine Edwards*
Production Manager: Shea Hittman*

* denotes Theatre B Ensemble Member


Guest blogger Monika Browne on Devising it Her Way

On Devising It Your Way
by Monika Browne

FB_IMG_1435239573810-1Many people ask what’s so special about Fargo. It’s in North Dakota – aka the freezer of the US – hours away from any major city, and there are few nationally-recognized cultural entities to draw artists for fame and fortune. In fact Fargo sees a drain of young artists who get their education here but want to spread their wings in places which can foster success, like Los Angeles and New York.

But there is a competitive venture growing in Fargo, which has its eyes set on making fulfilling artistic work possible for artists in the region: Theatre B. Continue reading

‘The Art of Bad Men’ Cast List

Art of bad men title block

There was a tremendous amount of talent at auditions for The Art of Bad Men, which made making decisions challenging. Please join us on July 27th for conversation with the playwright, Vincent Delaney, and Mark Peihl from the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County about the story and facts behind The Art of Bad Men.

The Art of Bad Men cast:

Gerhardt:  Taylor Schatz
Kurt:  Luke Smit
Franz:  Cameron Wintersteen
Harvey:  Scott Ecker
Cordelia:  Clare Geinert
Emma:  Monika Browne

Written by Vincent Delaney
Directed by Sally Story

Devise it your way


Join us for Devised Theatre Training!

Lead by Chelsea Pace

June 1 – 14, 2015 (6:30pm-10:00pm weeknights, 11am-6pm weekend days, no class June 7)

What does it take to tell the stories you want to tell? What tools do you need to create your own works of theatre?

This hands-on workshop will immerse you in the collaborative practice of devising theatre. Over the course of two weeks you will

  • Train in techniques such as Laban, LeCoq, and Viewpoints
  • Build skills in compositional systems
  • Explore structure and text
  • Create pieces with collaborators from the group

Expect to work hard and play hard for the two week session. Continue reading